Improvements to FAA Data

When you send a promotional mailing piece to prospective buyers, it's important to make a good first impression. That begins with the address label itself. Consider the following letter addressing labels. On the left is a label produced with raw FAA information. On the right, the same name after our conversion software processing.


Dear Aircraft Owner,
Jacquelyn F. Lanpher
213 Evansville Ave
Meriden, GA 06451-5155

Dear Ms. Lanpher,

In addition to an improved presentation, our converted records make it easier to locate information you need. It's much easier to search for "TypeAircraft = Recip" than "TypeAircraft = 1". The following chart is typical of the improvements we make.

Sample Conversion of Aircraft Record
Field FAA Data AIRPAC Data
Owner Name LANPHER JACQUELYN F DBA Lanpher Jacquelyn F.
First Name   Jacquelyn
Middle Initial   F.
Last Name   Lanpher
Gender Coding   Ms.
Salutation   Ms. Lanpher
Address 213 EVANSVILLE AVE 213 Evansville Ave
City MERIDEN Meriden
County 033 New Haven
State GA GA
Zip Code 06451 06451-5155
Barcode Digits   064515155134
Type of Owner 3 Indiv
Date Registered 19980104 1/4/1998
Aircraft Model   Cessna 182
FAA Model Code 2072704 2072704
AIRPAC Model Code   CESS-00182-A
Aircraft Class   HPSing
Type Engine 1 Recip
Engine 41533 Cont Motor O-470 Series
Bad Address   No
Deliverable   Yes

Summary of Improvements

Name and Address Formatting

Names & Addresses are formatted to improve the appearance on a mailing label and to facilitate letter writing. All addresses are converted to Postal standards to improve readability and deliverability.

  • Converted from Upper case to Upper and Lower case
  • Gender Coding (Mr./Ms.)
  • Separate First, Middle, Last fields
  • Salutation field added
  • Address Cleansing - Invalid Address indicator
  • Street addresses are formatted to meet postal requirements
  • Cities are abbreviated as necessary
  • Plus-4 added to Zipcodes
  • Delivery point barcode included
Elimination of Cryptic Codes

Coded field conversions are done to make the information more readable and useable. For instance, a "1" in the "Type Engine" field is converted to "Recip". These conversions are done on all databases to eliminate cryptic codes.

  • FAA Model Code converted to separate Model Name, AIRPAC Model Code and Aircraft Class fields
  • Type engine converted to abbreviated text
  • Engine Code converted to Engine Name
  • Dates are converted to searchable format (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Pilot certificates are merged into a single record with separate class indicators - Student, Private, Commercial, ATP, Glider, Recreational, Control Tower Operator, Balloon, Flight Engineer, Navigator, Helicopter, Instrument, Single-Engine Land or Sea, Multi-Engine Land or Sea, CFI, and Rigger
  • Airport Runways are summarized in a single master record including Type Owner, Use, Type Airport, Number of Runways, Number of Helipads, Other Runways, Largest Runway length, width and surface type, Operations Counts (Commercial, Air Taxi, Military, etc), latitude, longitude and elevation